The VST 3 Licensing Issues document in says: With the links of this thread, I obtained the VST2 and VST3 licenses, filled out the forms and emailed to Steinberg. You signed them in a day and a half!  ”Proprietary Steinberg VST3″ – VST3 SDK を “Proprietary Steinberg VST3” 利め, Steinberg結契契単 企企,結 単, 度契を結べ, 以,以全企 “Proprietary Steinberg VST3” “Proprietary Steinberg VST3を適 a) Proprietary Steinberg VST3を適 a) Proprietary Steinberg VST3 Development Software Kit cannot be distributed in part or in full without the prior written permission of Steinberg Media. The SDK should not be used to reshape or manipulate technologies used in Steinberg or in third parties, unless permitted by law. Neither the name of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH nor the names of its contributors can be used without express written permission to support or promote products derived from this software. Before publishing proprietary licensed software, you must receive a copy of the license agreement signed by Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. The Steinberg VST SDK licensing agreement is available at: The purpose of this agreement is the Steinberg VST PlugIn Software Development Kit Version 3.6.10 Yes, I wonder. I have a signed copy of the VST3 agreement, but it has a very specific version number there and no mention of VST2.x This part is not available in the 3.6.9 license agreement, it is located at 1.6 in the 3.6.10 license agreement Here you can find the new license for the VST 3 SDK, it is now a dual license type. For more explanations, click here and in the online documentation! For more details, see Above: “You can distribute your plug-in/host in binary form. To do this, you must always choose the Proprietary Steinberg VST3 license. It says here that you can distribute it in binary form if the source is under GPLv3? Plugin developers who have already signed a VST2 licensing agreement with Steinberg could continue to develop VST2 after October 1, 2018. With the open source license, you can share the source code for your VST 3 plug-in/host, including the VST 3 SDK sources that are subject to GPLv3. Note that VST 2 sources are NOT part of GPLv3! For more information about GPLv3, please visit this link. In addition, you can modify and modify the sources of SDK VST 3 as long as you release your changes and make them available to everyone (z.B on an internet hosting service like GitHub).

Note that you must follow Steinberg VST`s rules of use. But that`s a big question. Why not have the VST2 files gPL? I do an open source GPL3 synthesizer ( and unable to redistribute VST2 files makes the construction process really difficult. There are also a whole series of other logistical problems that arise because these (3?) The files are still proprietary licensed. That`s where it gets tricky. You can no longer download Steinberg`s VST2 deal, and Steinberg has just cleaned up as much as they can find of its existence recently online with DMCA Falls. (Note that the link above to the VST2 license is a 404) 3.1. I want to share the source code of my plug-in/host on GitHub. You can choose the GPLv3 license and share the source code for your plug-ins/hosts, including the VST3 SDK sources on GitHub. Are you saying that a user of the proprietary license may not share the source code for their project? I think anyone, the VST-Plug-Ins or hosts, for profit or not, can share their source code if they wish.

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