Subject to the availability of resources, the National Agencies will invite organisations with which the Framework Partnership Agreements have been signed to develop a detailed work plan for volunteering activities in order to conclude specific grant agreements for a period of eighteen months. The volunteer has agreed to provide hours per week for the duration of this Agreement. Voluntary partnerships are a specific project model that allows experienced voluntary organisations to develop and implement longer-term projects. During the first phase, applicants will be required to submit a project proposal setting out the objectives, relevance and impact of their project, an overall description of the activities for the entire implementation period and the annual indicative targets. At the end of the selection and award procedure, a 3-year financial partnership framework agreement will be signed by the applicant organisation and the National Agency. The financial and operational capacity of the applicant shall be verified prior to signature. The Financial Partnership Framework Agreement shall lay down the procedure for concluding specific agreements on annual grants and the general rights and obligations of each Party under the specific grant agreements. An indicative budget corresponding to the entire duration of the project will be included. The Framework Financial Partnership Agreement does not oblige the National Agency to award specific grants. Volunteering partnerships should also contribute to improving the quality and quantity of European Solidarity Corps volunteering activities.

VKAs are a key element of the EU`s FLEGT Action Plan, which aims to combat illegal logging. Experienced voluntary organisations can apply for funding for the development and implementation of longer-term projects under the European Solidarity Corps. This action is called volunteer partnerships for three-year projects. It provides organizations with a simplified format for carrying out volunteer activities. PandaTip: The salary portion of this volunteer agreement template describes the refusal of volunteers to accept financial support for services provided during the term of this volunteer agreement. .

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