8. Government and local authorities are committed to advancing social, economic and environmental outcomes for the municipalities of Victoria: iv. Optimize regulatory and state reporting obligations for local authorities. i. Relations between government and local authorities should be conducted in a spirit of mutual respect, with an emphasis on improving communication and cooperation. the intention of local authorities to manage or enforce new or revised primary laws or rules, or to act as agents and provide services on their behalf. The VSLGA was updated on September 10, 2014. It is a simpler, more practical agreement that reflects feedback from mayors, council chiefs and high-level councils across Victoria. (10) Where the Victorian government intends to ensure that local authorities manage or enforce new primary laws or new or revised provisions, the department responsible for managing public affairs consults with the local government in accordance with the regulations, subject to exceptional circumstances. In doing so, the appropriate department assesses the impact of the regulation on local communities, including the potential impact on costs and resources for local governments in the management of the regulation. iv. may be affected by the relationship between the Commonwealth government and local government. We often negotiate intergovernmental agreements with the appropriate services to strengthen the partnership approach and define clear roles and responsibilities.

The most important legislation in Victoria, which governs the creation and operation of councils, is the Local Government Act of 1989 and the Local Government Act 2020, as well as various regulations passed under the legislation. They define the objectives and missions of local communities and provide the legal framework for the creation and management of councils. We work closely with other levels of government to develop productive partnerships in which local government shares responsibility for providing services. viii. Local communities recognize that they are responsible for important community assets and are committed to good public management through good financial reporting and asset management. iii. The Victorian government is accountable to the people of Victoria and its national commitments are recognized. 9. In the interests of Victorian communities, the parties agree that the following principles should guide relations between governments and communities: local government has particular recognition in the Victorian Constitution Act 1975. The Victorian Constitution recognizes local councils as “an autonomous and essential level of government.” According to Section 74 of the Constitutional Law, democratically elected councils must ensure “peace, order and good management of each district.” Local government is constituted according to state law. vii.

Public and local authorities recognize the importance of seeking the assistance of the other when intervening with the Commonwealth government that affects another level of government. The agreement between the Victorian states and the local government gives Victoria effect to the National Intergovernmental Agreement on Cost Transfer. i. improve coordination and strategic planning of state services and functions at the local level; 1. The Prime Minister and the Minister of Local Government, on behalf of the Victorian government, and the President, the Victorian Municipal Association, conclude this Victorian agreement on public and local government on behalf of the Victorian Government to strengthen relations between government and local communities by establishing a collaborative working relationship between public and local authorities and improving communication and consultation.

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