Please note that if a new card has been sent to you, you will not be held responsible until you have activated it. However, if the new card is intended to replace an existing card, you will be responsible for all recurring payments, staggered payments and other payment instructions transferred from your existing card to your new card when you have not activated the new card. 11.11 We can combine or consolidate the card account with any account managed by the main card member and credited assets (whether due or not) against any liability due or due by the main card member. Any payment of a balance we make to the senior card member under this clause is considered to be a full and final fulfillment of our commitments to that balance. In our privacy statement, we have established conditions regarding the collection, use and/or disclosure of personal data. You agree that we may collect, use and/or disclose personal data in accordance with the terms of the privacy statement. In all cases, we have the right to disclose the details of our clients in accordance with the law, for example. B Singapore Banking Act (Chapter 19). However, under this Agreement, you agree and authorize us to disclose, without first reference, all information and information about you and any authorized person, including account details (whether managed alone or jointly), your creditworthiness and financial situation, any facilities granted to you or any information available to the public. We may disclose this data for the purposes of this Agreement and to allow and provide services that you provide to us with respect to the card, which are appropriate, necessary or desirable:- Third-party services 10.2 Some cards allow you to access services provided by third parties, such as international emergency services.B. You are responsible for the costs of any medical, legal or other services of these third parties.

You acknowledge that third-party services are best-effort provided and that these services may not always be available for reasons such as time, distance or location. Neither we, nor the third party, nor the party that will pay for these services to third parties (z.B. Visa International Service Association or Mastercard International Incorporated) will be liable to you for losses related to the services provided. Account refers to any account you have now or thereafter with us and any account used for the purposes of the Services and whose money may be requested for the use of the Services, regardless of whether the account is opened separately or jointly. The ATM means an ATM or card machine that accepts the card. AUD means the Australian dollar, Australia`s legal currency for the time being. Authorized person refers to a person (either alone or with another person/person) that you authorize and that we have authorized to act for or on your behalf to give instructions, execute or sign a document or manage your account. The card account refers to each account in relation to the card.

Card refers to any credit card we issue, including a personal card or an additional card and any replacement or renewal of such a card or other card that we may issue from time to time. If such a card is scanned, recorded and stored electronically in mobile wallets as part of mobile services, the card also means that the card is stored electronically in a mobile wallet.

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