Assuming prima facie that residential real estate is incompatible with the values of scalability and adaptability, we did not consider it necessary to anchor guidelines explicitly prohibiting residential passage. However, the lack of clarity of language with respect to closing trade agreements has not provided sufficient guidance to staff on the ground. Our lack of awareness and consideration of this issue has been exacerbated by relying heavily on our government aviation partners to conduct land-use inspections at ga airports. CPRA Report 114: Guide to Ongoing Maintenance Operations154 Maintenance: hoA must keep all FTT access points safe at all times and maintain adjacent land appropriately: HOAs and membership should not store, throw or release hazardous substances into the airport: hoA must obtain written authorization from ODA before any public activity organized in aviation or aviation areas. : HOA cannot interfere with ODA claims, claims, fees, expenses or actions against or actions brought by the ODA on the basis of hoa or affiliation actions related to ftT access or to the party responsible for the agreement: HOA may apply the contractual conditions in accordance with the provisions of the CC-R subordination: the provisions of the agreement are existing or future agreements between the ODA and the right of the FAA to develop the airport Subordinate. ODA reserves the right to modify, develop or improve the airport to meet the management of TTF Operations demand or security While ODA has entered into an FTT agreement with the HOAs, each of the airport`s HOAs has successively adopted CC-Rs and statutes governing the operation of the association and its residents. The State of Oregon has the authority to authorize the CC-Rs residential air fleet. Some of the provisions of the cc-Rs reflect the terms of the FTT agreement: airpark owners take airport security very seriously and residents strictly comply with ODA`s airport guidelines, standards, rules and regulations. Although the airport is not fenced, residents maintain a level of vigilance to ensure that adequate operations take place at the airport. The policy is imposed by the ODA with an oral warning to the HOA and not to the individual residence.

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