pays the company an initial basic deductible sales tax equal to – this tax is 7.3. For the duration of this agreement and three (3) years after the end or end of the agreement, MSF does not own, engage or participate directly or indirectly in car maintenance, car wash, automotive retail activity, with the exception of the ProntoWash franchises, which have been fully disclosed by the company and have accepted the company, and must not participate in the offer or sale of franchises for a company other than the company, without the company`s prior approval. There is nothing in section 7.3 that expressly or implicitly compels the company to give consent. (d) Two visits per year (no more than 10 days per visit) made by the franchisor, such as the franchisor, consider it appropriate, after consultation with the franchisee, to monitor the standards of the franchisee and potential franchisees. 6. In order to protect the franchisor`s intellectual property rights and maintain the common identity and reputation of the franchise network, the franchisee does its best to open at least ten new outlets for services through its sub-franchises within one year of the date of this agreement. If, in one year`s time, the franchisee does not do the best to open the outlets mentioned in this clause, the franchisor may, within 90 days from the end of the year in question, terminate its right to open future outlets as those for which a franchise agreement has been previously granted. 15. Consequences of termination After the termination of this contract: (a) the franchisee undertakes: b) the regional franchisee is not in a position to meet, within a reasonable time, the requirements of the company, customers or potential franchisees in the territory, provided that the company has indicated the necessary method to comply with these requirements and that the regional franchisee has had the opportunity to carry out such training, as the company may recommend; or 8.8.

Payments are due to MSF within 20 days of the end of the calendar month following the month in which the company actually received the proceeds from the franchisee (or, if applicable, from another entity). However, the entity has the right to defer all or part of the payment if the company has a good faith belief or fear that the franchisee or any other person or entity (. For example, a creditor) may claim a claim or seek a full or partial repayment, or if the company is not otherwise sure if it has the risk of not being able to retain all of the revenue. In the case of a full or partial refund or a charge after payment to MSF, the entity has the right to request reimbursement of an amount paid and/or to compensate this amount with future payments to MSF. The company will provide MSF with a written reference prior to the planned deduction of payments to MSF. minimum number of franchisees – the minimum number of franchisees in the region, which must be maintained for the schedule 12 life; 13.1.3. the agreement of the potential purchaser to participate in the next MSF training class; (c) the franchisee terminates immediately after the end of the franchisor or its candidate (but subject to the crosser of its candidate who assumes the future charge) all franchise agreements granted by the master franchisee, including agreements granted to the subsidiaries of the master franchisee.

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