The experience of LADP II[8] has shown that civil society organizations in Iraq work with small grants mainly for activities related to the environment, livelihoods, refugees and displaced persons as well as culture, and that they are actively engaged at the community level. More structured mechanisms for civil society participation are needed so that the sector can play an important role in driving local development and controlling the transparency and accountability of local authorities. 10. Defined benefit payment and low-value insurance requirements. Proposals must translate the Community`s needs into the achievable activities of NGOs/CSOS. As part of QB-FBS, the evaluation focuses on maximizing the transmission of value to the recipient user within a given budget. External users can now access, via UNDP`s Internet link, pdf versions of the POPP programme and project management, as well as corporate guidance and procedures for the national implementation of UNDP-supported projects, UNDP implements a zero-tolerance policy towards prohibited practices, including fraud, corruption, collusion, irregular practices and obstruction. UNDP is committed to preventing, identifying and combating all acts of fraud and corruption against UNDP and third parties involved in UNDP`s activities. (A full description of the guidelines can be provided in and 11. An exchange of letters was added as an acceptable method to document the program committee`s compliant opinion on the amendments. The budget completed in the Excel file and all other documents must be submitted electronically in a PDF file to the following email address: for filing applications is 18 August 2020, 19:00 p.m.

(Tbilisi time). Guidelines for the development of the 2009 Results-Based Annual Reports (ROARs) are now available in the “Results Management” and Accountability chapter in POPP. The reporting platform can be accessed at The offices will use the same format as the one used in 2008 with some small adaptations: first, a number of questions have been deleted and some sections have been shortened. Second, the ROAR is linked to the Success Stories website. Third, boards are encouraged to report on levels of transformation and institutional processing resulting from long-term multi-year commitments, rather than focusing on the progress of interventions in the current year. Finally, a short section (3.2) was added to collect data on common programming. The financial closing policy for development projects has been updated with links to operational directions for the financial closure of projects; Operating guidelines for MPTF projects; Frequently asked questions in Project Closure SharePoint and eChecklist in the Atlas Project Closure Workbench. These resources provide a wealth of information to run project closure offices – an often undervalued but vital part of our work. The letter of application should be clearly mentioned as a theme: “low value grant application” with a specific category: the overall support system for the 2010-2011 Integrated Work Plan has been put in place to help units develop their annual reports and work plans. This support system includes updated normative content, frequently asked questions, on-screen instructions and links to team discussion forums. It is important that units can also use the support service that you can access by contacting

A team is ready to respond to requests and provide support. Like the ROAR, translated versions of the POPP and additional guidance equipment are provided in Spanish and French.

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