Our subcontract template is easy to use, easy to understand and the best? It`s short and it`s to the point! Hello, we are subcontractors who are mandated by the general contractor. The project was completed on January 16, 2020. In August, we started chasing GC. Remember to ALWAYS get it IN WRITING, and using a simple template like ours is always better than not getting it in writing at all. Who said your subcontract had to be a long and complicated document? It`s not us! Any questions? If you have any legal questions, you can always visit our Construction Legal Center. We have a legion of lawyers and other experts at your disposal to answer your question free of charge. My home is in Florida Roofer did not follow the proposal. Left the old stand and also wanted to leave old wet plywood rotten. I stopped. I am a general contractor in the state of California and started in June 2020 with a non-profit organization. The director of the non-profit organization.

If person A person B rents for 4 hours at $40/hour ($160 in total), but person B $20 must pay in gas to get there and. I am an entrepreneur who worked for a client who is $8476. She refuses to pay, and the owners. The download will be in an MS Word format, so you can easily make changes, additions or deletions. Just fill out the form on the right and download your copy for free by your friends at zlien….

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