The purpose for which the agreement was reached must not be fraudulent, illegal, immoral or contrary to public order, or involve any infringement of the person or property of another. Two people cannot reach an agreement on a criminal act. Any agreement whose purpose or consideration is illegal is illegal and is therefore cancelled. If a company`s offer is accepted, it is in a contract, provided that other elements of the contract are accepted. Taking into account the person Buying a radio on the rent purchase of Person B who takes care of the electronics and his devices. Both parties must agree on the payment of the monthly payment within a specified period of time. Such an agreement results in a specialty contract, which is a contract under the seal. All contracts are up to the avoidable and avoidable contract if one of the parties can withdraw if they wish. This is due to a slight agreement and misrepresentation or undue influence. To reach an agreement in Indian Contract Act Section 10, the following conditions must be met:- Error: If both parties have an error of fact, the agreement will be void.

But if one or both parties have an error of law, the agreement is voided. For example, A and B have entered into an agreement to sell a particular drug. They did not know that such a drug was illegal in India. Your consent is non-consent. Question: All contracts are contracts, but not all contracts are contracts? OR are you discussing the rule for forming a valid contract when a contract is concluded? A law on the protection of small businesses from abusive contractual clauses in model contracts applies to contracts concluded or renewed on 12 November 2016 if: as mentioned above, a concluding agreement must constitute a legal obligation. If an agreement is not able to create a legal obligation, it is not a contract. An agreement is therefore a longer term than a contract. Moral, religious or social agreements, such. B that the promise of lunch together in a friend`s house or to walk around together, are not contracts, because they probably do not create a legal obligation, because the parties never intended to get by with legal consequences. On the other hand, legal agreements are contracts because they create legal relationships between the parties.

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