In a perfect world, nothing would change after you sent your rejection message via email. But it is quite possible that we have not yet become aware of the impact that the reintroduction of binding arbitration could have on the consumer landscape. Arbitration clauses have become more and more frequent – they appear everywhere, from credit card contracts to employment contracts. In short, the financial industry`s strong preference for public court proceedings is no longer justified. With regard to certain contractual relationships involving financial institutions, arbitration has considerable advantages over public court proceedings in Switzerland. A new section titled Arbitration Agreement is added at the end of the agreement as follows (following the section With their billing rights): how to write an opt-out letter to refuse a mandatory arbitration procedure: However, the third enumeration point is the one that informs cardholders that JPMorgan Chase, the largest credit card issuer in the country, has added a binding arbitration agreement to its terms of use….

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