Amazon Games announced today that it has entered into an exclusive publication agreement for North America and Europe with Korean developer Smilegate RPG. They will work together to publish a game that will be released next year, with specific details to be announced later. No, you don`t give your books or rights to Amazon when you`re a publisher and you download your e-books for sale on their site. Amazon is a publishing company and not a publishing house (but they also have their own publishing house, but it`s different). They sign the same agreement as some of the world`s largest publishers who sell all their print and digital e-books on Amazon. HarperCollins issued a brief statement On Monday saying it had “entered into an agreement with Amazon and that our books will still be available on Amazon`s print and digital platforms.” An Amazon spokeswoman rejected a request for comment. “Next,” according to ACX guidelines, “if you enter into an ACX audiobook production agreement with a producer [the company allows authors to mate with producers who assemble the actual audio file of the book], you will not find an audio recording of the book in the language to be distributed in the area except the ACX until the date the final audio book is delivered to Audible , to create or authorize production. under the terms of the ACX Audiobook Production Agreement, except within 4 months of the date the audiobook must be completed, as stated in ACX Audiobook`s production agreement, for reasons other than your non-compliance with your obligations under the contract. Amazon Publishing is Amazon`s book publisher. It was founded in 2009 and includes 16 legal mentions that publish specialized, factual and child literature worldwide. Some people consider self-editing to be an error that is selected only when there are no other options. But the truth is that traditional doormen — literary agents and publishers — simply don`t have the margin to determine the value of each story. Hundreds of thousands of books are published themselves each year and there is no way to keep pace with everyone.

If you don`t already have an integrated audience or publishing experience, it can be difficult to put your work before decision makers. “Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games will combine our know-how to introduce Western players to one of our AAA games,” said Chi Won Gil, CEO of Smilegate RPG. “Amazon Games is uniquely positioned as a publisher to reach new audiences, thanks to its deep commitment to customers and vast game publishing resources and channels, including Twitch, Prime Gaming, AWS and more.” Here too, APub works like most other publishers. Even if you`ve already worked with professional publishers on your manuscript and ordered a large cover from a professional designer, APub still wants its own team of publishing professionals to work on your title.

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