In order to use the services, the user must register and manage a user account (“Account”). The user must be an adult and reside in India to obtain an account. The account is associated with an active mobile/mobile phone number owned by the user or to which the user is authorized. Registering the account requires the user to transmit MyPetrol pompmp`s personal data, including name, address, mobile phone number, age, age, vehicle, details (make-up, model, year, color, license registration/license plate) as well as at least one valid payment method owned by the user or user entitled to use (credit card/debit/bank ticket/net wallet or other accepted payment method). The user undertakes to maintain accurate and up-to-date information in the account, otherwise the user will not be able to access and use the services, or terminate this agreement by MyPetrol pumpmp with the user. In addition, the user is solely responsible for all activities, the account, and the user agrees to keep the user`s username and password secret at all times. If MyPetrolpump does not allow otherwise, the user can only have one account. MyPetrol pump is not responsible for accidental damage, individual, exemplary, punitive or consequential, including loss of earnings, lost data, personal injury or property damage (both mobile and immobile) related to or related to or other products resulting from the use of services or product (obtained by MyPetrol as the user`s agent, read in advance for details), even though MyPetpu MyPetrolpump is not responsible for damages, liabilities or losses resulting from users` use or confidence in the services or use of the purchased product (with MyPetrol as a user agent) in the use of the Services or the inability of Users to access or use the Services. MyPetrolpump is not responsible for delays or loss of power due to causes outside myPetrol pump control. In case of quality issues with the purchased product, the user is ordered to respond to all claims to the place where the product was purchased by MyPetrolpump on behalf of the user as a user agent. The user frees MyPetrolpump from all requirements that may result from quality issues with the product purchased by MyPetrol pompemp as a user agent.

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